What’s Doctor Shopping?

Doctor shopping involves the arrangement to get a continuous disease with numerous physicians for that same plan, possibly by individuals of office visits or even to obtain prescription drugs.

A physician buyer can visit numerous healthcare services like a “new individual” or “visiting from out of town,” and can exaggerate or feign medical issues to acquire prescriptive medicines or perhaps a desired medical opinion, diagnosis or treatment without any specific material gain.

Understand the Indicators of the Doctor Shopper

These include:

Spending money on a trip using money, despite having health care insurance
The individual lives in a town or region away from doctor’s office
Statements the original prescription medicine was lost or stolen
Seeking that physicians recommend a particular brand or dose of drug
Asking the physician to improve the amount of pills prescribed monthly
The individual seems anxious or rushed, wanting to obtain the prescription and leave the doctor’s office
An individual is unemployed, however they can afford to buy expensive prescription drugs

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