What’s Prescription Drug Abuse?

prescription drugsSome medicines have psychoactive (mind altering) qualities and, due to that, are occasionally abused—that is, obtained for reasons or with techniques or quantities not meant with a physician, or obtained by someone apart from the individual for whom they’re recommended.

What are Symptoms and the Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse?

Habit and prescription drug abuse is among the poorly identified kinds of chemical dependency, especially in women. A prescription medication is before it may be obtained any medication controlled legally to need a doctor’s prescription. Prescription medications usually work by selling or both controlling chemical reactions within the mind.


Three distinct classes of medications are most prone to abuse:

• Tranquilizers / sedatives: often recommended to treat sleep problems or anxiety disorders
• Opiates: usually recommended to treat chronic or severe pain
Drug-seeking behaviors would be the main indicators of prescription drug abuse, whatever the chemical constitute of the medicine.


These actions include:

• Prescription drug abuse symptoms vary depending on the course of medicine.
• Apparent mood swings equivalent to lack or supply of prescription medications
• Transforming sleep patterns
• Growing depression, particularly when medications are unavailable
Frequent alcohol consumption
• Smashing or breaking pills
• friends Taking or borrowing prescription drugs from household members, or co workers
• Eating prescriptions even faster than indicated
• Taking or forging prescriptions
• Use Of over-the-counter medicines for that same problems that other treatment has been recommended by a physician
• Purchasing prescription drugs on the internet

How do i know if I am Abusing Prescription Medications?

Perhaps you are getting bigger amounts than your doctor or with them for reasons besides prescribed if you should be abusing prescription medications.

For example, if your prescribed a pain medicine to be studied 3 times and you discover yourself getting two times as much or getting the exact same medicine more often, you’re abusing prescription medications.

Your doctor may observe that youare requesting increasing levels of drugs or that youare calling more often for replacements for that medicine. This might even be an indication of abusing prescription medications.

Additionally, your pharmacist might discover prescription drug abuse by recognizing multiple medications for controlled substances or fake or modified prescription forms from different doctors.

Is There Therapy for Prescription Drug Addiction?

You will find remedies, including nonaddictive drugs that will help individuals regain control and combat the signs of prescription drug addiction.
A kind of buprenorphine is becoming available that may be inserted underneath the skin (named Probuphine) and it is employed for maintenance treatment of opiate dependency in those who have been going for a steady measure of oral buprenorphine and therefore are no further within the middle of cleansing.

It offers a continuing measure of buprenorphine for 6 months.
Buprenorphine is just a substance used to treat opiate withdrawal, and it is usually combined with drug naloxone (a mixture called Suboxone) to be able to prevent relapse.
Additional prescription drugs for opiate withdrawal include the blood pressure medication clonidine as well as methadone. The drug naltrexone it is another treatment choice for preventing opiate relapse and blocks the results of opiates. It may be given orally (Revia) or like a regular treatment (Vivitrol).

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